Sunday, October 23, 2016

Update in Under 20 Pictures

Well, hello there.

In my most recent post ("recent" being used very loosely), I said I was back. And then I disappeared for about 7 months. I like to keep people guessing...

I hope to check in a bit more regularly, so I thought I'd write a post to catch you up on where I've been and what I've been doing since March. It will be quick, so try to keep up. 

We celebrated Easter in North Augusta/Augusta with my dad and stepmom. This is the church I grew up in and where my honey and I were married.

The same month, I worked my first event as a Chloe + Isabel Merchandiser (you can visit my online boutique here). It was fun, and made even more fun by my mother-in-law who generously gave up her Saturday morning to do it with me.

Our days were filled with plenty of these looks from Piper:

My niece has successfully completed potty training - but I'm not calling her a big girl yet because...well, sad.

This picture cracks me up. She was playing with her BFF and next-door neighbor when her mommy (my sister) had her come home. She was still pretty devastated as she went potty.

In June, Spencer and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary by taking a trip to Kitty Hawk in the Outer Banks. A beautiful, quiet beach. This will not be our last trip to the OBX.

At the end of June, the middle sis (top right) celebrated the big 3-0. We all met at a central location - my house. This picture was taken before we went to dinner. Girl's Night! (Avia was trying to be like her Aunt Lala by placing her hand on my shoulder - swoon).

We like concerts! Casey and I went to see Rascal Flatts and Hillsong United in July. She's a good date.

This year I have also been volunteering with Lighthouse for Life, a local non-profit that is working to eliminate and prevent sex trafficking and exploitation. Read more about them here.

In August, we had our 2nd Annual Beach Weekend in Cherry Grove. The weather was great, and so was the company. Only 10 months to go until the 3rd Annual!

Later that month, the Junior League of Columbia kicked off a new year (we run similar to a school-year) with the Back-to-School Bash. We partner with the Ray Tanner Foundation and invite over 13,000 students to come have some fun and pick up an Under Armour backpack filled with school supplies (The Hootie and the Blowfish Foundation provides a generous grant to provide this). In addition, every kid got a new pair of shoes! Students were also able to get a free dental exam and vision screenings.

Finally, after 3.5 years in our "new" house, I got around to painting our master bedroom. I still haven't hung any pictures or art. Maybe in 3.5 more years? The wall color is Sherwin Williams "Spring Valley."

Guess what else happens in August? Yep, soccer season! We are now in Spencer's 5th season of coaching at the University of South Carolina. Go Gamecocks!

 And some exciting of my oldest, dearest and sweetest friends got engaged in August!!! She lives in DC, so her very thoughtful fiance arranged for friends from all over the world to Facetime with them to help celebrate. This is a shot of a few of us who gathered to say "congrats!"

Because soccer is such a big part of our lives, I had to include another picture. Here's Spencer with our two oldest nephews who came to watch the game. :)

In September, I traveled to Orlando for the LMASE Regional Conference. It was, as always, a great time. Friends, old and new, great programming and loads of fun. See the headshot in the middle? That's the Chapter president. She couldn't travel due to pregnancy, so we got to carry her around. 

There have been some great date nights these past months...

And wardrobe changes. This is Piper in her polka-dot bikini. She loves feeling pretty. <3

Earlier this month, I got to keep Avia while her parents went to a wedding, and we went to see Uncle Spencer's (aka Unco Pensa) soccer game. She loved watching them warm up - pointing and saying "boys." They had cones set up and were running various exercises around them. She thought it was hilarious when they kicked their feet as they ran, and when they ran backwards!

And finally, I leave you with this weekend's event. On Friday, I went to my high school's football game...get this...TEN YEARS after graduation! We have been out of high school for ten years. Ten. That doesn't seem possible! These lovely ladies are some of the sweetest you'll ever know!

Well, that's my life lately in a nutshell! Well, at least what I have in photos. What about you? What is the best, biggest, or most exciting thing that happened in the past 7 months?

Until next time (which hopefully won't be 7 months from now) - - 

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