Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fall Goodie Swap!

Hi, strangers!

Hope you've all been doing well since I announced my less frequent blogging

Guess what? I got to participate in a Fall Swap with another blogger...none other than Brittany from The Lady Lawyer! (yes, she is a lawyer, I work for a law firm...meant to be!)

I really enjoyed getting to know her a bit through email and through exploring her blog. If you have a few minutes, I would seriously recommend doing so! She's got great style inspiration and some drool-worthy recipes.

Before I share the awesome goodies she sent me, I want to thank the ladies behind the link-up: 

                      Jasmine | Sheryl | Meagan | Amy | Kerri | Lindsay

Thanks for getting us all organized and coming up with a fun idea!

Without further adieu, check out the awesome things Brittany sent me!

Love!! Brittany was so spot on. I immediately put the hand towels out, and I love them so much more than the other ones I had - it was time for them to go! I also love that they can last through the whole season rather than just a specific holiday. I've already used the nail polish, and it's the perfect fall shade - a purply brown - and a great addition to my collection. And the pencils? GOLD. I love gold. And they're spicing up my office in the best way.

Thank you, Brittany!

Go check out the other swappers and see what kinds of goodies they sent and received - 

Until next time - - 


  1. I'm so glad you and brittany got along so well, though I knew you would! :) she nailed her gifts! Thank you for participating!

    1. Spot on! She did an awesome job - thanks, Lindsay!

  2. Morgan, so glad you participated. I love everything your received but especially the nail polish.

  3. Hi! I'm popping over from Brittany's blog. I'm an attorney too:) I lover meeting others who work in the legal field. You both did soooo awesome on each others' fall swag! That nail polish is such a gorgeous color, and I love those hand towels!


    1. No kidding! Law firms unite! ;) Thanks for stopping by - Brittany did a bang-up job. I am obsessed with the nail color!