Monday, August 3, 2015

My 21 Day Sugar Detox

Y'all, it's official. I've lost my mind.

Not only am I totally out of character with my half-marathon training, but now - today - I am starting a 21 Day Sugar Detox (#21DSD). GASP. 

For a simple explanation, here are the Six W's of my sugar detox.


"The 21-Day Sugar Detox is a comprehensive, yet simple and effective program to help break the chains sugar and carbs have on you – and help you find food freedom."

"The 21-Day Sugar Detox is a proven, whole-foods based program designed to help you bust sugar and carb cravings. The program includes a complete outline of included foods and foods that will be eliminated for the three weeks (Yes/No Foods Lists), as well as a library of resources, information, recipes, and more to help you along the way."

The obvious foods to cut out are candy, baked goods, and sodas. However, I loooove bread. And pasta. And potatoes...all of which contain forms of sugar. I would love to end those cravings.

Today through Sunday, August 23rd.

Everywhere. Home, work, out to eat, with friends, you name it.

As I said earlier, I love bread, pasta and potatoes (which contain forms of sugar), so much so, that when faced with a choice (at the grocery store or at a restaurant), I will choose one of these items over something that I know would be better for me or something that I know I should have. That's fine if it's occasional, but it was an all-the-time thing for me. I also really love fruits, but don't eat them for a sweet treat - during this process, hopefully my tastes will learn to distinguish fruit from other healthy items as a sweet treat, thus even cutting cravings for candy and cakes even more. 
Basically, I thought I would give this a try to train my body to want foods that are good for me, and in the process, hopefully learn something about food, the way my body uses it, and to teach myself overall better eating habits.

That's the big question! How on earth...
The book contains a ton of great information (it really dives into the "why" behind the detox and the way your body reacts to sugar. Hint: It's a drug to your brain and to your body, hence the cravings). It also has a really easy "yes," "limit," and "no" food list so there is little to no guess work. It also has a 21 day list of what to expect, and from what I've read, this first week I will be irritable and feeling ill. So, in summary, I'll be a peach to be around! This is fair warning...

You can visit this website for more details on the detox, and go here to skip straight to the popular FAQ section.

Have you ever done any kind of detox? Why did you do it? How did you do?

Thanks in advance for the encouragement!

Until next time - - 


  1. Oh good luck to you girl! Will you be sharing recipes? This is a struggle for me too!

    1. Thanks! I will - I definitely don't want to be eating the same thing for three weeks straight, so I will hopefully have some good ones to share :)

  2. Wow, you go girl! I'm not sure I could do it!

  3. I've always wanted to do a 21 detox but have never been as comprehensive as I needed to be. Good Luck!! Can't wait to follow your journey.

    1. Thanks! I'm not sure what's taken over my brain, but I thought I should start before I chicken out :) Hopefully my experience can help you out as well!

  4. You'll do great! This is so exciting =)
    If you can have fruit - make some banana "ice cream" for those hot evenings when you're really wanting a refreshing snack after dinner. Added bonus - make it with strawberries too and you'll get a double dose of potassium to help your legs through all of your training =)

    1. Thanks girl! That sounds ahhh-mazing, but sadly - no fruit allowed except a granny smith apple and a very unripened (aka green) banana each day. I haven't done the bananas yet because I can't keep them green long enough!! Let me know if you have other potassium tips - I'm all ears (ahem, eyes)...

  5. Oooh good luck!! I'd really struggle with this bc I love pasta and sweet tea (not together) so I'm curious to follow along and see how you do.

    1. Thank you! I love pasta, too. My biggest weakness...bread. And anything with bread (ie. pizza). I have had cravings, but so far have not caved!!

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