Thursday, August 13, 2015

An Update: 21 Day Sugar Detox

Remember how I am doing the 21 Day Sugar Detox? Well, I'm still going, and am 11 days down. Half way! Wondering how it's going?


  • More energy
  • Less bloated
  • Sleeping better
  • Decreased desire to snack due to boredom
  • Ability to more easily recognize when I'm full/satisfied

  • Cravings - week two has easier than week one, but I still have cravings here and there for something sweet.
  • Boredom - I know there are a trillion recipes out there that I could use, but as far as throwing together quick meals and portable lunches, I've found salads are the easiest - and man, do those get old.
  • Availability - it's hard going out to eat because it seems everything contains sugar. It's also hard to know exactly what is in each food, and all of the salad dressings contain sugar. I even asked for separate sides of EVOO and Balsamic for my salad one day this week, and she brought me EVOO and...balsamic vinaigrette. The dressing. Sigh. Today I just had one with no dressing. It's easier.

  • I am glad I'm doing it and sticking with it. 
  • I am so grateful that Spencer is doing it with me! It would be so much harder if he weren't.
  • With some extra preparation, I think I can prepare some more fun and different meals and snacks for us the second half of the detox. I know we both would be grateful.
  • I definitely feel good - my body and mind both feel cleaner and clearer. 
  • The detox is not as difficult as I expected. It has it's downfalls (see: Cons), but overall it's just a mental obstacle to overcome. It's all about developing will power.
  • I can tell that I have already changed eating habits - not only in what I am eating - but how I am eating. Less snacking, eating when I'm hungry, knowing when to stop. It's a much healthier relationship with food than I started with.

11 days down, 10 to go! Thanks for the encouragement. :)

Until next time - - 


  1. Girl, good for you. I really need to try this. Should probably start soon before the blogger weekend. Ha!

  2. Oh man... I admire anyone who can do this. I have a weakness for hot chocolate!