Monday, July 6, 2015

A Simple & Silly Survey

Hope you had a wonderful 4th of July weekend! Do you follow me on social media? If so, you may have seen some pictures. If you don't, let's connect!

I found this A-Z survey on Peanut Butter Fingers (she's adorable, and pregnant with her first child!), and I really enjoyed reading her responses. I thought it was so fun, I decided to share my answers as well! 

A – Age: 27. Is that still mid-twenties?
B – Biggest Fear: Losing a loved one, and cockroaches. Not comparable, but yes, both are very scary!
C – Current Time: 6:21pm.
D – Drink You Had Last: Water. Exciting, right?
E – Easiest Person To Talk To: Spencer, My husband and BFF!
F – Favorite Song: Crazy Love (Michael Buble version). It was our wedding song. :)
G – Grossest Memory: Grossest? Um. Probably cleaning up Piper's vomit last week. I gagged. It was warm...
H – Hometown: North Augusta, S.C. Go Jackets!
I – In Love With: Well, obviously my husband. And Piper, too. She's a babe.
J – Jealous Of: People who are naturally tall and thin. The Lord created me to be me, the Lord created me to be me...a good mantra.
K – Kindest Person You Know: My friend Sarah. She is always asking about people and concerned for everyone except herself. She is truly selfless. 
L – Longest Relationship: My current one! 8 years and counting (including dating). 
M – Middle Name: Well, before it was my maiden name it was Elizabeth. 
N – Number of Siblings: Two sisters and three step-sisters. All awesome. All girls. :)
O – One Wish: To have children one day - biological and, Lord willing, an adopted child.
P – Person You Spoke To On The Phone Last: Someone from my alumni association asking for a donation. Meh.
Q – Question You’re Always Asked: When are you going to have a baby/when is it your turn? People love to ask that.
R – Reason To Smile: I am grateful to have many reasons! 
S – Song You Last Sang: Holy Spirit You are Welcome Here (it's been in my head all day). 
T – Time You Woke Up: 6:25am.
U – Underwear Color: Uh, TMI? No thanks.
V – Vacation Destination: Hopefully next will be Ireland + Scotland!
W – Worst Habit: Oh boy...probably chewing the inside of my mouth. It's so bad I don't even realize when I'm doing it! My hygienist scolds me for it. 
X – X-Rays You’ve Had: I think just one on my wrist when I fractured it.
Y – Your Favorite Food:  How could I choose?! How about I just name my favorite dessert - that's easier. Chocolate covered strawberries!
Z – Zodiac Sign: Capricorn.
I'd love to see your responses, too! Do we have any in common? 
Until next time - - 

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