Friday, June 26, 2015

"Conversations" Link Up with Knock on Wood

The lovely Amanda from Knock on Wood Blog is having me as a Co-Host for her Conversations Link-Up! If you don't know Amanda, definitely go check her out and say "hello!". She's awesome!

The conversation I'm sharing today is one that made me laugh. I was texting with my dad about coming to visit for Father's Day weekend, and asking if he minded me bringing Piper the Puppy with me since Spencer would be out of town. 

Me: Hi! I'd love to come visit this weekend for Father's Day. Would it be alright if I brought Piper with me? Spencer will be out of town.

Dad: Of course you can. We'd love to have you. Piper has to promise not to scare the cats. Ha.

Me: Well, I can't promise that. She tries to play with everything that moves. Birds and squirrels included. And if you have flies, she has learned to catch and eat them.

Dad: She's welcome to eat one of the cats.

Me: She prefers flies, pinecones, and dirty tissues.

Dad: Oh well. Bring her anyway.

(laughing/crying emoticon) If you couldn't tell, my dad isn't the biggest fan of their three cats - but my step-mom loves animals and her cats dearly! Her daughters joke that if they come back in another life, they hope to come back as one of her pets.  :)

Happy Friday, and join us today and link-up a conversation, recent or not, with someone in your life!

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  1. This is so funny! This sounds like something my dad would say about my step-mom's dog. :D

    1. Ha! What is it about men and their wives' animals!? :)

  2. Bahahahahaha! Omg that is so me and my mom. I love little conversations like these. Thank you for co-hosting with me!!

    1. Thank YOU for having me!! You're awesome :)