Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Guest Post: A Hopeful Hood

As I mentioned, while on vacation, I have some great posts lined up for you to read. Today's is from an awesome blogger, Julie. I have enjoyed getting to know her through her blog, and today's post is not different! Enjoy her tips (I know I have!).  


hey, i'm julie and i blog over at a hopeful hood, which is--besides a play on my last name--a space where i talk about home renovations, teaching, crafts, and other random things. i love morgan's inspiring diy projects and her insights on life (like her tips for making the babysitter feel more at home! as someone who still babysits and loves to know the end time/where the pretzels are....). i'm so excited to chat with you all on this great blog!

as someone who works full time and doesn't have time (or the level of care) for an extensive beauty routine, i've rounded up some of my favorites.

5 hair essentials every low-maintenance girl needs:

i recently wrote a fancy updo post about how i recently did my hair for a wedding, but even that was really easy and low-effort. i'm always in a rush in the morning, and although i love having long hair, i don't have the level of effort to devote to burning it straight/frying it curly/actually doing anything (besides a braid, messy bun, etc.). this means i've had to collect a few things that makes my hair less crazy while still being low-maintenance!

//1// dry shampoo. i've been using this, but i can't wait til it runs out and i can try the cheaper (and supposedly better!) dove version. am i the only one who's hair looks fine the night before and then that morning is suddenly a bit greasy???

//2// extra hair ties in your bag for when your hair goes wild but you're already halfway to work.

//3// headbands for when the humidity kicks up flyaways. (please tell me philly isn't the only place that consistently has 90% humidity!)

//4//leave-in conditioner because you just didn't have time to condition in the shower (my favorites are mane & tail and the organix argon oil, pictured above).

//5// bobby pins that match your hair color so when the messy bun goes awry you can subtly fix it without having to to take it out and redo it....because that takes too much effort.

*bonus favorite*
waterless face wash! all you do is pour a little on a cotton pad and wipe gently over your face. this also works really well when camping and you don't have running water to wash your face! or when you're too lazy to walk all the way to the bathroom and want to "wash your face" in bed...jk, that's never happened.........

what are your favorite hair essentials? 

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