Friday, May 15, 2015

Guest Post: 2015 Summer Trends

While I am away on vacation, I have a few wonderful guest posts lined up for you! I hope you enjoy them. Today's post is written by my dear friend Casey (who you will recognize from a couple of other posts - my crazy birthday lunch and this amazing apple pie recipe).

Enjoy these tips!


Get Trendy With It!  The weather is finally heating up, so it's time to hit the racks!  Here are some pieces that you should look out for as you enhance your summer wardrobe.  

Color: Aquamarine
The number one color of the summer is AQUAMARINE!  Who doesn't love aquamarine?  I really think this color looks great on every skin color and hair tone!


Pattern: Gingham
Going on a picnic?  Well, maybe not, but this pattern is a must this summer - from dresses and bathing suits to shorts.


Jumpsuits & Rompers
Jumpsuits and rompers, OH MY!  You can dress up or dress down. The only down-fall is going to the bathroom - full clothing removal (meh). Man oh man, are they cute though!


Gladiator sandals
Lace up or zip up?  The strappier and taller, the better.


High-Waisted Bathing Suit Bottoms
Lower belly pooch?  Worry no more!  


Were you one of the lucky ones that snagged these Lilly bottoms at Target?  Too bad they are sold out now!


This lovely detail can make any ordinary dress extraordinary! It's simple, classic, and feminine.


You will be sure to catch some eyes if you have these cute trends on this summer!

What are your favorite trends this summer? What are your summer wardrobe "go-to's" and staples? 

Until next time - - 

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