Sunday, March 8, 2015

8 Tips for a Great At-Home Date Night

Date nights can include so much. Romantic dinners, trips to the ballet, expensive bottles of champagne, concerts...Date nights are really fun! They're also extremely important to couples who are working to keep the "spark" alive. 

Though the options I listed are wonderful and definitely fun, they're also expensive! Not many of us are able to comfortably afford to do these often. But the good news is that you can have just as much fun at home for little or no cost!

I've made a handy list of 8 Tips for a Great At-Home Date Night. Don't be like me and break most of these, haha. We don't always do it right, but at least we try! Right? 

1. Easy Dinner and Quick Clean Up
If you're like us, we enjoy the cooking and eating part, but totally dread the clean up - putting away leftovers, washing and drying pots and pans, loading the dishwasher...the key to this is to be sure you plan ahead and make this as easy as possible! Order takeout and eat from the boxes. Make a frozen pizza. Have leftovers! It doesn't have to be fancy to be delicious, it just needs to be easy!

2. No Phones
This is a biggie. We all know our phones are basically attached to our hands and ears. Because of this, we are 95% of the time not fully present at any given moment. On date night, put the phone away! Turn on your "do not disturb" and put it somewhere where you won't see it light up with notifications. Really focus all of your attention on the other person - that's the whole point of the night!

3. Skip the Movie
Spencer and I love to cuddle up and watch movies together. We both really enjoy a good movie! I've noticed, however, that this isn't the best option for a date night. It's great when we just want to lay around and snuggle, but when we're really attempting to connect, movies actually discourage communication and conversation. Instead, try a board game, card game, or Q&A game! Most of the time you'll end up laughing with one another (or at one another!) and that's one of the best ways to connect.

4. No Chores
This is similar to number 1, but goes even further. Plan out your date night so that you haven't left any urgent chores until the last minute. Planning a date night for Wednesday, but know you have to take the trash out Wednesday night for Thursday morning pick up? Take out all of your trash on Tuesday! Dog need a bath? It can wait a day. Laundry? Do it on the weekend! This should be a night when you aren't staring at the dust on your end tables or fretting about changing your sheets. Enjoy the moment. The rest will still be there tomorrow.

5. Talk
This is one of the main points of having a date night! Open up, catch one another up on work and friends. What are some things you don't know about one another? What is his or her favorite color? Do you know? Ask about past experiences and future dreams. What traits do you both want to develop in your children (or to foster in future children)? Enjoy the conversation! And don't forget, when you aren't the one talking - LISTEN! It's just as important (see number 2 above).

6. Skip the Serious Talks
Though talking on date night is extremely important, it is not the time to discuss anything "heavy." This includes money and budgets, something you wish your partner would work harder at or do better, big family issues, etc. Sure, discuss what's on your mind, but avoid bringing up any topics that you think could potentially drag the conversation into a direction you don't want it to go. Those topics can wait. 

7. Laugh
One of the most fun things to do on any date night (whether at home or in public) is to laugh! Laughing together is one of the best things you can do. Be silly, play games, chase one another - if you don't do this often, you'll love to see what doing these things can do for both of your moods! And it really sparks the romance. Seriously!

8. Be Intimate
This means different things to different people. For a new couple who is dating, this may mean having a conversation about the future, as individuals or as a couple. For engaged couples, being intimate may be sharing your hopes for marriage, or sharing your fears about what things may change. And for married couples, yes, this absolutely means having sex (sorry for being so blunt). It's so important to do this regularly! (see 1 Corinthians 7:3-6).

What am I missing? Share your at-home date night thoughts in the comments!

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  1. Wow I absolutely love this list. These are all points I actually never really considered. Cleaning up after I cook and putting away leftovers can honestly take me like 3 days…no exaggeration. It's sad but I could totally see how that could get in the way of a date night because it always hangs over my head. No phones is huge too, I like your no exceptions (out of sight) policy. #s 3, 6 & 7 are probably my fans. I really, really love this list. You have a lot of knowledge on this whole dating thing lol Thanks :)

    1. Thanks, Holly! This list has been years in the making :) We don't always follow each as closely as I'd like, but ideally we try to do them as best as we can. Thanks for reading!

  2. I love these tips! Especially the one about making sure that you aren't watching a movie. We pretty much cuddle and watch a show every night so a change of pace and playing a game is always so fun and relaxing! Pinning!

    1. We love to watch movies together, so it takes some effort to think of something else to do. But we always enjoy playing games! I'm glad you found this to be helpful :)

  3. These are great ideas!! I love at-home date nights! I totally agree with putting the phone (and other distractions) away. One of my favorite date nights was lighting candles and turning on my white christmas lights in my apartment and slow dancing with my boyfriend to oldies… such a sweet moment!

  4. Most practical and still romantic and fun. Great ideas!