Monday, February 23, 2015

True or False: Guest Post - Tin Foil Curls

Have I mentioned that I have the best friends? I think I have once or twice. Once again, a friend shows her kindness and thoughtfulness. Casey reached out and offered to guest post for me since I have been traveling and visiting with family. She's the sweetest! Enjoy her "True or False" experiment!


Morgan has had so much going on in her life over the last week, so I decided to come to the rescue.  The last thing I wanted her to worry about after traveling to be with family due to the passing of her aunt was writing a blog post. 

I recently saw a short video clip on Facebook of a lady with long beautiful curly hair.  The subtitle was, "Crazy way to curl your hair! All you need is tin foil and a straightener. It's amazing how this works."  Well, I have hair, tin foil and a straighter!  I occasionally curl my hair with the good 'ole curling iron but thought this would be easier, so I gave it a try.

View the clip before reading on.

My hair is much much shorter than her's, but that's ok - it should still work!  Oh, and let's just say my hair is straight as straight can be!  This is my hair right after blow drying it.  (I do have product on it as it has no body - anyone jealous of my hair yet? :/  Did I mention that it's super thin too? Well, you just wait - I am about to have beautiful locks!) 

Ok, here we go with the 2 finger wrap method.

Make a loop:

Wrap it with foil:

Press the straighten on it for a second and let it set. 

Check, check, check, check-- Easy!! A beautiful ringlet is about to appear when I pull the foil away! (eeek!  Excitement!)

WRONG!!! If I were going for the bedhead look this would be perfect!  What a kinky mess!  Fail!

Maybe someone with long hair should give it a try but it was a major fail for me.  Now, I have to go wash my hair to straighten this mess out.

FALSE (at least in this case).


Womp, womp. Well that stinks. What do y'all think went wrong? Have you or would you try this method? 

Until next time - - 


  1. I saw that video the other day! I was curious about it! I hate it didn't work for you! If I get some time soon, I'll try to remember to attempt it myself!

  2. morgan, your friend casey is soo funny! also can this be a hashtag or a linkup THING?! i would love tutorials/trials that prove or disprove haircare and beauty tips. this was so useful :)

    1. Hey, Julie! Isn't she great? :) I think that would be fun! I've never hosted a linkup, and not sure how to go about doing so...but a hashtag would be easy enough!! Maybe I can come up with one and post it with another tutorial or beauty "True or False."