Monday, January 5, 2015

Rocking Horse Re-Do

Just before Thanksgiving, I went into a new furniture and paint shop in town to look at her paint selections. In the shop I found an antique rocking horse that could be purchased as-is, or purchased and for an extra charge, the shop owner would re-do it for me. Because I'm so in love with my niece, Avia, I instantly thought of her when I saw it. Knowing both her first birthday and Christmas were just around the corner, I quickly purchased and drove away with it.

To complete the project, I used the same materials as I used for my Craigslist dresser, because I had enough of everything left and Avia's bedroom just happens to have the same color green in it!

After two coats of paint

Some distressing to preserve the "antiqueness"

My original plan was to purchase a monogram sticker with Avia's initials. After some thought, I decided I want the rocking horse to be able to be used for Avia's brother(s) or sister(s) if and when that happens. So then my plan changed to tracing and painting a "T" on the horse, their last initial. As I searched Hobby Lobby, nothing really jumped out at me. Until I wandered down the scrapbook aisle, that is.

I looked (for about 45 minutes) at so many different sticker sizes, phrases, and pictures, until I finally settled on a pack that contained one that said "Enjoy the Ride". Perfect, right? It's a rocking horse! Get it??? :)

With the sticker added

Finally, I sealed the horse with a water-based polycrylic to preserve both the paint and the sticker through hopefully many years of rocking!

Adding a coat of sealant

With a bow and a gift tag, the horse was all ready for Christmas morning! (Please excuse the mess on the carpet and around the room. It was Christmas morning, after all! I know y'all can relate). 

I am thrilled to report that the gift from Uncle Spencer and Aunt Morgan was a big hit, and was certainly One Year Old Approved! 

Ride on, sweet girl! :)

Until next time - - 


  1. As much as I love this, Avia loves it even more! We can't keep her off of it :) I wonder how old it is. The historical romantic side of me wishes I could know all the other children's names that loved riding it as well! Love you!

    1. I'm so glad! :) Hoping to make my way up there soon and play!

  2. SHUT UP! THIS IS AMAZING!!! I love you so much right now and even though you can't see it I am in tears! I'm 32 and I still have the rocking horse my dad built for me. He designed it, cut the wood and built it himself. That was 30 years ago and I still own it. It has these little markings in it where I cut it, carved in it, broke it's face off by riding it too hard and hitting a concrete wall. The face was re-attached but there's a thin line where it was re-attached. You can see it if you look for it. The wool "mane" and "tail" have been worn out and replaced so many times yet she's still as beautiful as ever to me. Funny too b/c the word "Morgan" is carved into her rear haunch b/c that's what I named her. Lol. She's in my guest bedroom right now. I keep hoping to pass her down to my children if I'm ever blessed with one. I may need to do a post about her...

    1. you're going to make ME cry! That sounds so special. If this little horse can mean anything to Avia like yours (Morgan - ha!) meant to you, I would be so overwhelmingly honored. I would love to read a post about your horse! And I must see a picture :)