Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My Most Recent Regret

Y'all. I finally did it. And I totally wish I hadn't.

Yes, I replaced the battery in our digital scale. We've had a dead battery in it for about two years, so I used that as an excuse to shove it in our closet. Well, I decided to dust it off and pick up a new battery during my most recent trip to WalMart.

I stood on it to make sure I inserted the battery correctly, and wanted to immediately remove it and return it to get my money back. Surely that number wasn't right. Right?


It's true. I've gained happy pounds. Way too many of them, I might add. Spencer? Nope. Same trim, fit figure as always. (Men...eye roll.)

Something's got to give. I seem to be the most motivated to work out when I lay down for bed, probably because I'm a night owl. However, if I work out at 10:30pm, I'll be up all night long. What's a girl to do? Why can't I just be motivated like normal people, and at normal times? What is wrong with me!? Please tell me someone can relate. 

Well, if anything will jolt me back to reality, it's the number I saw on the scale this weekend. Ouch. And if I plan to be gallivanting through Europe this May, I don't want to look like the chubby American. So that's that. 

Spencer, get your weights and medicine balls ready. This girl is ready to drop some pounds.

Until next time - - 


  1. Oh man, I feel your pain. My husband eats all he wants and doesn't gain a pound, while I can look at cake the wrong way and gain ten! No fun at all.

    1. Right!? What gives? At least we know we're not alone :)

  2. Sign up for a half with me!!!! We can train together :)