Friday, January 2, 2015

Bonus Post: "Because you know I'm all about that lace...

...'bout that lace, no sequins." 

Sorry, I had to.

I wanted to throw out a bonus post today (twice on a Friday!) to show you what I wore for NYE! 

Spencer and I walked around the mall on my birthday this past Sunday, and I was attempting to find something fun and festive to wear for the small get together we were hosting at our house for NYE. I looked everywhere for a sequined shirt I liked, a skirt...something that spoke to me (well, not literally because that would have been weird). As I was beginning to think I would leave empty handed, we wandered into The Limited and I found a beautiful lace shirt that I knew was fun enough for NYE, but also could be worn again and again. When I also considered the 40% off sale, it was a no brainer. If you like this top, (which I wore over this cami) head on over and pick one up! 

(I am no fashion blogger, and I am receiving no compensation. I just wanted to share a new find I am loving!)

Have a great weekend!

Until next time - - 

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