Monday, December 8, 2014

Sunday Shenanigans

Hope you had a great weekend! 

My Saturday was mostly spent being lazy, but I did squeeze in some laundry and present wrapping in there. It was so nice to be able to enjoy being at home, taking in the Christmas tree and as many cheesy Hallmark movies as I could squeeze in!

Sunday was a bit busier, but really fun!

First, I went with Casey, Samantha, and Baby Colin to the Columbia Junior League's Holiday Market - thanks for the tickets, Elizabeth! The Market did not disappoint. There was booth after booth of awesome clothes, decorations, jewelry, food and much more!

Here are the goodies I purchased:

Leather Bracelets from Miss Cocky - half off!

Gorgeous lace skirt for a STEAL - La Dee Da Gifts

A Christmas flag for our mailbox - I'm not sure what this shop was!

After we left the Holiday Market, Casey and Samantha dropped me back off at my house so I could get my car and head over to Amanda and Eric's house for their baby, Makenna's, dedication! (check out Amanda's blog, The Life of a Gluten Free Mama here!). 

I felt so honored to be included in such a special occasion for them. It was such a sweet afternoon. We got to see Makenna, and pray over her, Amanda, and Eric, that they may be able to raise her remembering that she is God's, and it is their job as her parents to help train her in the way that is right. I can't wait to watch Makenna grow and hopefully be able to help be a part of guiding her in her journey!

Borrowed from Amanda's Facebook page :)

Straight from Makenna's dedication, I went to my in-laws for our annual Christmas cookie bake! Don't be fooled - cookies were actually the least of what we made. We made sausage balls (my personal favorite), cheese straws, chocolate goo, and of course, sugar cookies! They sent me on my way with bags of each one, and you better believe I enjoyed a few of those sausage balls with my coffee for breakfast this morning :).

Trying so hard to be patient!

Finally, the sausage balls are ready! Nom nom nom.

Cheese straws galore

Chocolate Goo - yum!

I missed having Spencer with me this weekend, but he's back home now - and I would say he is the one who missed out on the fun :)

ALSO - - 
Don't forget that Amazon is having it's amazing Green Monday Deals and other sales! If you're anything like me, you prefer to order gifts online and not get stuck in the crowds (and usually I can't see anything over them. #shortpeopleproblems). Amazon is my JAM.

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