Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Recipe: Rosemary Salmon

Hello, friends!  And Happy New Year's Eve! I hope you're gearing up for a fun night, whether you're staying home in your PJs or hitting the town. We are having some friends over tonight for some food, some fun, and a toast to the new year. I'm looking forward to it!

So, I missed posting on Monday...it's been a crazy week. Ever been 5 days without hot water? Well, I have. Five days today. Our hot water heater is busted, and we've ordered a new part, hopefully to arrive today and then to be used to fix it up by my Superman husband. Please say a prayer and cross your fingers for us! Cold showers and going to friends houses to bathe aren't ideal - though I am extremely grateful for all of my family members, friends and coworkers who have offered up their hot water to us!

Now, onto better things. Do you have a traditional Christmas Eve or Christmas Day meal? We do - well, mine and Spencer's families each do. Spencer's family does fondue every Christmas Eve, which was a new experience for me when I first began to celebrate with them. Now I look forward to it very much! My family does a Thanksgiving meal for Christmas, complete with turkey and dressing. Yum!

Because Spencer and I were doing Christmas together before traveling for my family's Christmas, followed by his family's Christmas on Saturday, we decided to do a completely different meal for our "Christmas Eve."

What did we have?

Salmon! (duh, it's in the title)

It was really yummy. I paired it with a side of roasted Brussels sprouts and bacon which is a personal favorite of mine.

And, what makes any food taste better, there were very few dishes to wash! 


  • Four 4 oz. salmon fillets, skinless
  • 2 tbsp. chopped rosemary (I used fresh, but dried would work fine)*
  • 1 lemon, sliced thinly
  • Half of a red onion, sliced
  • 2 tbsp. minced garlic
  • Olive oil, salt and pepper to taste


  • Rinse fillets and pat dry. Lay each fillet onto a piece of aluminum foil.
  • Drizzle each fillet with olive oil, and then season each with salt and pepper.

  • Sprinkle chopped rosemary evenly over each piece of fish.

  • Place 2 slices of lemon over each fillet, followed by sliced onion.
  • Top each fillet with minced garlic.

  • Fold the aluminum foil over each piece of fish to form an airtight package.
  • Bake at 425 degrees (F) for 15 minutes.

*Fun fact about the rosemary:

During 2014, I was the Chair for the Legal Marketing Association's Columbia City Group. I worked with a wonderful, hardworking group of board members, and enjoyed getting to know each one of them! We celebrated the holidays with a social at our local Ruth's Chris, and they surprised me with a rosemary plant! Isn't that so thoughtful? I was so touched that they would do anything for me (I could have done nothing with LMA without each one of them to help), and even more so that they put so much thought into it. They know I love to cook, and rosemary is actually my favorite herb! Just wanted to brag on those ladies and say "thank you" again!

Until next time - - 

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