Monday, December 15, 2014

Graduations, Birthday Parties, and Christmas - Oh My!

Happy Monday, y'all! This weekend was jam-packed full of fun for us. We took a trip up to Sylva, NC (previous mountain weekend with some gal pals in Sylva in this post) to enjoy lots of family activities. On Saturday, we watched my brother-in-law, Matthew, graduate with his MBA from Western Carolina University. After that, we got to celebrate my sweet niece, Avia's, first birthday! Then on Sunday, we had our annual "Christmas in Sylva" (which is a way to guarantee we can all always get to do Christmas with one another - it may not always be on Christmas day, but Christmas is whenever you make it!).

On Friday night, Spencer and I drove up to NC as we enjoyed some nice Christmas music (Michael Buble Christmas anyone?) *affiliate link. When we arrived, we let ourselves in (the parentals had already retired for the night) and settled in for bed.

The next morning, we got right to work! Graduation was first, but we had to prepare for the birthday party ahead of time. There were decorations to hang, balloons to get, a trifle to make, and of course, all of the food needed to be gotten ready! My mom stayed at the house during graduation so that Avia could nap, so she was a big help while we were gone finishing up all of the food and getting the birthday dressed into her party outfit.

Graduation started off much more interesting than any of mine. We arrived to WCU a little later than we'd hoped, and were stuck without seats. As we were searching the auditorium, someone approached the podium and asked for everyone's attention, as he had a "very important announcement." We thought it was the start of a cheesy joke. As it turned out, there was a threat on the building (a bomb or otherwise, I'm not sure), so we all had to evacuate the building for an unknown amount of time, so police and security could search the building.

The crowd, exiting the auditorium

After awhile outside waiting, they decided to hold the ceremony in the football stadium. Luckily, the weather was gorgeous, and after moving all of the equipment, it went off without (much of) a hitch.

Moving Graduation

In the end, Matthew successfully collected his diploma, and that was the main goal!

Way to go!

Diploma received!

Once we left graduation, we went back to my mom and step-dad's house for Avia's first birthday party! She had one friend there, her neighbor Addie. :)

She also thoroughly enjoyed her smash cake! 

Also, the food and decor were really cute - we had a table full of sweets, and a hot cocoa bar that was much enjoyed!

Finally, it was time to open presents. As an almost one-year old, I'm sure you already figured out that she was much more intrigued by the cards, paper and boxes than the actual gifts. She LOVED the card Uncle Spencer and I got for her - it was Minnie Mouse singing "Happy Birthday," and she kept opening and closing, opening and was pretty funny! She also has the sweetest little dance move she does when she hears music. What a doll :)

The party was a hit!

On Sunday, we woke up and enjoyed a "Christmas morning" with a delicious brunch, family time, a gift game, and Secret Santa gift exchange. It comes as no surprise that I took a million more pictures of sweet Avia!

Hope your weekend was just as fun and action packed as ours!

Until next time - - 


  1. I.LOVE.EVERYTHING.ABOUT.THIS.POST!!! Well, not the bomb threat! Too bad!! -Casey

    1. THANKS! Yeah, the threat was pretty strange, but thankfully uneventful. Isn't she a sweet little thing???

  2. So happy to be with all of you! I had no idea I was in those pics! Haha nice one! That's the only threat I ever want any of us involved with again! Yikes! Love you!

  3. My hubby went to Western Carolina for undergrad!