Friday, November 21, 2014

Two Drifters Designs: Giveaway!

On Monday, I shared that I am getting into the holiday spirit a little early this year. With decor and music, also comes gift planning. And if you've ever been rushed into buying gifts a day or two before Christmas, you know just how stressful finding the perfect gift can be!

In the interest of saving your sanity, and that of your family and friends (read: they want ideas of what you want! Don't be coy.) definitely check out Two Drifters Designs shop! ...and while you're there, please look at that Mint Champagne Lattice Bracelet - um, yes please!

Quick - name a female you know who doesn't wear any jewelry.

Have trouble thinking of one? Yeah, there's a reason for that. Ladies of all ages love jewelry, and it's almost always a safe choice for a gift. Especially when they are as lovely as these! Bonus? Claire makes the bracelets in multiple sizes, so you don't have to worry about it being too large or too small.

Claire was sweet enough to send a Kumihimo Bracelet for me to wear before doing this giveaway, just to make sure it was something I could get behind. Well, it didn't take long until I was complimented! Riding up the elevator at work earlier this week, two ladies asked to take a closer look and just raved about how lovely it was, and how well the neutral colors would match so many things (I received the Mint Champagne Kumihimo Bracelet). Few things make me feel better at 9am than a compliment - unless it's a large coffee AND a compliment!

Claire was kind enough to offer one lucky reader a Kumihimo Bracelet of his or her choice of color and size! Keep it for yourself, or gift it to someone for the holidays. There are multiple entries - the more you complete, the more chances you have to win! 

The winner will be announced on next Friday, November 28th. 

Good luck!

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  1. Great giveaway! Think Claire is wearing the right hand ring Avia gave me for mother's day! (Mine is December BlueTopaz, while I'm not sure what April is). I hope you get a lot of entries. Have a good day. Love you!

  2. LOVE! My Fav- Fan Favorite Series: Garnet and Gold Kumihimo Bracelet ---Casey

  3. Love the mint champagne lattice bracelet! Gorgeous!

  4. The mint lattice one is lovely!! One of my fav colors!

  5. I like them all. The pale colors suit me best, but the red ones are fun!

  6. Mint Champagne Kumihimo Bracelet is my favorite though it was hard to not say all

  7. I love the mint champagne kumihimo bracelet. Those colors are really classic.