Monday, November 10, 2014

Thankful: My Family

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, I have been reflecting on the relationships in my life that I am thankful to have. First and foremost, I am extremely grateful to be blessed with the family I have. My mom's family, my dad's family, my in-law family - I couldn't wish for a more supportive, loving, generous, and fun group of people!

This weekend I got to enjoy a few of these wonderful family members when I traveled to Asheville to celebrate my step-sister, Jenna's, engagement to her fiance Charlie. In the same trip, I got to enjoy my sister, my niece, my brother-in-law, my mom, and my step-dad.

The engagement party was at a really neat taco restaurant in downtown Asheville. The atmosphere was really fun, the band was upbeat, the crowd was friendly, the taco bar was delicious, and the margaritas were amazing!

Oh, and how stunning does Jenna look, y'all? Seriously. That dress.

(I apologize in advance for the rough-looking iPhone pics. I should invest in a good camera at some point...)

Jenna and Charlie!
Just gorgeous!
Daddy Daughter Dance
Um. I want this again. Now.
Mike and my Momma
Those love birds!
Me and my eldest sister
Family pic! Minus me, the photographer. And Leslie, who wasn't able to make it.
The band, doing their thing
I went for the curled hair - unfortunately (but not surprisingly) it didn't stay very long. Tips? Advice?
I would hate to disappoint you by not sharing the other part of my weekend - time with my niece, Avia! She had her 1 year photos taken a little earlier, and I got to go help with that. She was so easy because she is just naturally happy and easy going. I won't share the pictures I got from that and spoil the surprise of the real pictures, but here are some others that I snapped from our weekend.
Loving the camera
Oatmeal breakfast with Daddy
Happy baby!
Enjoying her scrambled eggs. Well, the ones that got into her mouth.
Blowing kisses!

Finally, a video to give you a smile on this Monday (in case the pictures above didn't work).

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  1. Haha! My sweet girl! Had a blast at Jenna's engagement party! Great to see everyone :)