Monday, November 17, 2014

Pre-Thanksgiving Decorations?

Ok - I've done the ultimate holiday no-no. 

Today, I put up a mini Christmas tree in our bedroom. GASP. I know, I know.

For years, I've been that person, rolling my eyes when I see Christmas decorations in stores alongside back-to-school sales. And, with some encouragement from Spencer, don't listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving (after that it's game on). But after finding out a few days ago that Spencer would be going out of town the day after Thanksgiving, when we have "traditionally" (the past 2 years) have put up our tree and had a fun, Christmasy weekend, we had to change our plans.

We will be putting up our decorations this weekend, the weekend before Thanksgiving. 

And I'm not even mad about it. For some reason, the holiday spirit is alive and well within me early this year, and I can't wait for all things Christmas. I by no means want to skip over Thanksgiving, but if I can enjoy that holiday with some Christmas decor and holiday songs - why not?

After a stop at Hobby Lobby for the tree (50% off!) and some ornaments, and another stop at Walmart for some extra decorations (thank you gift cards), the tree is up. Also, between you and me, I used a sweater as our tree skirt. #desperatetimes


Here are a few ways to get a similar look:


I got mine at Hobby Lobby for half off, but here is a similar, even less expensive option.
4' Ft Charlie Pine Premium Holiday Christmas Tree - Unlit

Not the same brand, but very similar.
32 ft / 975 cm Long Holiday Time Garland Shatterproof String of Beads (Gold)

Ribbon for bow:

Here is a beautiful option!
Gold Embellished Wire Ribbon Christmas 1.5" Wide ~ 12 Yards

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  1. i haven't made the leap yet to holiday decor, but hopefully soon!

    1. We put up our big tree this weekend - for some reason this year I just can't seem to hold out until after Thanksgiving!!