Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Guest Post: Mississippi Roast

I think we can all agree that the crock-pot is one of man's greatest creations. Throw in some ingredients, turn it on, leave it all day, come home and dinner is ready? Yes, please!

My sister, Jenn, found a recipe that she wanted to try, and was kind enough to create a guest post for me, complete with pictures. Check it out!

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As a full-time working Mommy – full-time Mommy, full-time professional, and full-time busy! – I am always looking for super yummy AND super easy meals for my family. Every few months, I will spend a Sunday afternoon preparing 8-10 crock-pot meals to store in the freezer. 

My husband and I are very picky over what crock-pot meals we like, which does tend to make things difficult. He doesn't want any fruit in his crock-pot (there goes the pork and cherry recipe I had so wanted to try!). I can’t stand pot roast. Until I found THIS pot roast. One of my friends posted it on Facebook, which left me licking the screen for days, until I finally made it to the grocery to gather my ingredients. 

The original recipe can be found here

I read a few of the comments that had been left on BigOven’s site and made my (very few) adjustments. Being the Southerner that I am, I could’ve probably just cooked gravy and butter and would've been happy, but all of the ingredients together were wonderful! It even got raving reviews from the husband!


  • Chuck Roast 
  • 1 packet Ranch Dressing Mix 
  • 1 packet Brown Gravy Mix (The original recipe calls for Au Jus, but I was very happy with the gravy)
  • 6 pepperoncini (recipe calls for 5; we would’ve been happy with 7)
  • 1 stick of butter 
  • 1 carton of whole button mushrooms (next time I will slice them, maybe add another carton)

That’s it! For the most part, it is a fairly inexpensive meal. My chuck roast was large, putting the price of meat just under $20, but I either used grocery store brand on the other items, or they were already in the pantry. There was enough for leftovers, which made the price for the meal well worth it for us. 

My roast was thawed (never having been frozen), when I put it in the crock-pot Wednesday morning. On top of the meat, I emptied both the Ranch mix and the Gravy mix on top of the roast, along with the peppers. I laid out the mushrooms around the roast and finally… one entire stick of butter. NO water, NO stock, NO salt/pepper, NO EVOO, etc. 

Right before I walked out the door, I checked to make sure the crock-pot was plugged in (due to prior “cooking before coffee” experience, this step is a necessity now) and turned the crock-pot on LOW. 


This particular day, I got home a little early (4:30). I set the crock-pot on to WARM and waited 2 hours for the hubby and the daughter to get home *cooked for 8.5 hrs*. (I really should invest in a timer for my crock-pot). 

We ate this over a side of Knorr Chicken Rice (strange and it was not planned, but I thought I had mashed potatoes…I was wrong). The rice, strangely enough, was really good with the roast!

This recipe is definitely one for the casual family meal AND to show off for the in-laws ;) 

PS. I have no idea why this is called Mississippi Roast, but if you know, please enlighten me!

PPS. Sorry for the poor quality of the "finished" picture. With both baby and dog at my feet, I snapped it in a hurry!

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Thanks again, sis!

If you have any idea how this roast got its name, please leave it in the comments. Please also let us know if you make this, and what you think!

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  1. Just finished up the last of the roast last night and I'm ready to make it again! I probably should've noted for those not usually using the crockpot, I would 100% recommend a crockpot liner. Not necessarily for this dish, but for all. I don't crockpot without them, why would anyone? Not using a liner is the equivalent of washing the dishes at the restaurant, in my opinion! :)

    1. Good call on the liners - I will need to pick some up before Thanksgiving!

  2. This looks wonderful - and so easy. But I did notice that Jenn said this would be one to impress the in-laws with:) Kay

  3. Ooor just another sister.... Ahem.... yummy!!! :)