Monday, October 6, 2014

The Woman Behind the Blog

Well, I guess a good second post would be to introduce myself and to give you a better idea of who I am. 

My wonderful Momma and Me

I'm a Christian. I love the Lord, and am so grateful for all He has done and continues to do for me. If you ever have questions or would like to engage in a conversation about my relationship with God, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Also, I'm a wife to a wonderful man (more to come on that guy). I'm a sister, a daughter, a step-sister, an aunt, a daughter-in-law, and a friend. My family and friends mean the world to me! You'll see them all trickled here and there throughout the blog.

My day job is as a marketing coordinator at a multi-office law firm in the Carolinas. It involves a lot of event planning, managing budgets, keeping up with and tracking progress on goals, and a whole lot of things in between! One of my co-workers and I joke about how to answer the question "what do you do in marketing at a law firm?" The honest answer would be...anything and everything we are asked to do!

Other interests of mine include leading my small group on Wednesday evenings, participating in my book club, and spending time with people dear to me. I also am an introvert (who has learned to play the part of an extrovert), and do enjoy spending time alone, recharging my brain. 

I asked my husband to tell me what I'm forgetting to add in this post, and his answer was, "You definitely care about other people, and you're a sweetheart."  What a babe(he probably wants a sandwich or a back rub, but I'll take it).

Other than the things mentioned above, I am a Gamecock fan, an over-user of commas, a lifelong people-pleaser, a Food Network and HGTV addict, a lover of vacuum lines in carpet, a terrible gardener, an indoor girl, a rare exerciser, a rule follower, an avid blog reader, and - I'm happy I can now add- a blogger!

Until next time - - 


  1. I, too, use an overabundance of commas. And vacuum lines on carpet make me happy!

    1. Haha, I think, that we should, start a support, group!!

  2. Ah Morgan, I just adore you!! Commas are the best :)

  3. I'm always looking for book recommendations so feel free to blog away about your book club one day! :)

    1. You got it! I'm a book worm. I most recently finished Gone Girl (not for book club). Have you read it? SO GOOD!

    2. Yes! So good! I'm in a Book-to-Movie club so we focus on books that the movie is about to come out. It's fun to go see it with all the girls!

    3. Fun! That's a great idea - what's next??

  4. I'm going to respond...

    I am a Gamecock fan (and I'll forgive you for that)

    an over-user of commas (I totally get this. I used to be (or still am depending on who you ask) an over-user of both commas and exclamation points. I can't help it. I get excited!

    a lifelong people-pleaser (me too but that comes with being an awesome person)

    a Food Network and HGTV addict (I'm so with you on this! Don't even get me started...)

    a lover of vacuum lines in carpet (and here I thought I was the only one)

    a terrible gardener (if it's green I'll kill it. Unless it's a turtle, I once had a green pet turtle and he lived a long time)

    an indoor girl (Definitely. Indoors is my favorite place to be)

    a rare exerciser (What's exercise? Unless I can include exercising my fingers by blogging I don't know the meaning of the word)

    a rule follower (mostly...but blogging rules are meant to be broken!)

    an avid blog reader (I'm trying to be better about reading fellow bloggers' blogs)

    and - I'm happy I can now add- a blogger! (me too!)

    So nice to "meet" you Morgan!

    1. haha! Love it! Sounds like we have quite a bit in common - I've loved following your blog! Maybe we can agree to avoid talking football.. hehe

  5. Love the sweet story behind your blog's name and how your husband helped you come up with it! I'm so curious about what your job is like as a marketing coordinator for a law firm! It's nice to meet you, I'm Grace! :)

    1. Thank you! My job is...busy? haha. I am now the "Events Strategist" which means I basically do the same things as before, but am now seeing up all of our firm events (social, professional and educational). Other tasks include working with practice areas on business development, budgets, logo and promo name it! :)