Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, y'all!

We have done a little celebrating this week already in the form of painting pumpkins and attending Boo at the Zoo at Riverbanks Zoo here in Columbia. 

We got our art on in the garage with some pumpkins, some brushes, and some leftover wall and trim paint. Use what you got!

I wanted to do a cute pumpkin (last year I did polka dots on a white pumpkin) so I opted for a candy corn this year. Spencer wanted to keep in theme, too (last year he made our house number into a monster - creative!), and did dripping blood. Spooky!

The artist at work

Look at that blood! (shudder)

Not quite as spooky

Ta Da!

Front Porch - watch out for spiders!

Oh, and in the interest of keeping it real, I was totally going to enjoy a glass of wine while I painted...until this happened.

You can call me Grace.


A couple of nights after our pumpkin painting fun, we took our niece, Spider Queen (aka Reagan), to Riverbanks Zoo for Boo at the Zoo! 

See her?

We enjoyed the decorations they had up...

We got to roast some marshmallows and make s'mores (contrary to what you read about my weekend and now my time at the zoo, I rarely make s'mores! I just so happened to do them twice in a handful of days. Not mad about it, either!)

Look at the concentration on those two faces!

There were (very smelly) animals to see and pet...

And there was Trick-or-Treating to get done...

Boo at the Zoo is always a fun event. It's well put together, and really fun for kids of all ages (and adults, too)! We've gone the last few years, and plan to continue the tradition. One attraction I didn't get a picture of was the suds area. They create a really large area full of foamy suds for the kids to run through. We saved it for last in case Reagan got soaked, but she only ran in for about 30 seconds and decided she was done with that. But it's a really popular attraction!

The night ended with a piggy back ride to the car (Reagan didn't think Uncle Spencer could carry us both on his back, so I had to walk). Then sleepy-head dozed off in the back seat on the way to drop her off. I think all of that candy hustling got the best of her!

Share your candy! 


  1. Reagan is adorable; I can't believe how much she's grown, either!! Cute pumpkins. We're carving ours tonight. Never carved a pumpkin, so unsure how long I can leave aJack o lantern on our front porch? I've always displayed a pumpkin until thanksgiving. Choices! Way to go on the wine...

    1. She's so big now! And very much a rule follower, like her Aunt Morgan :) Try washing your pumpkin with bleach. It's supposed to prevent molding.
      Thanks on the wine "high five" - big ol bummer.

  2. Love your pumpkins Morgan! I'm really enjoying your blog too! It's very inspiring - so maybe one day when I can find time, I will start one too!

    1. Thanks, lady! You totally should - I'd read it! :)

  3. Glass my behind! More like a bottle! whoa! Pumpkins look great! -Casey